Warp One Surface Spray - 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

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A super effective 70% isopropyl alcohol surface spray made for fighter jets. And your stuff.

Now we’re no expert in fighter jet logistics but we bet they involve some serious computer hardware these days. So, we actually did our homework, and looked up the Federal Aviation Administration’s formula for a surface spray that’s both powerful enough for military duty, yet safe for sensitive flight hardware, and started making it here in Detroit in our factory.

This also happens to be the exact same formula Apple recommends for disinfecting your phone. It's true.

That’s exactly how we came up with Warp One, our all-purpose surface spray for your electronics, hard surfaces, and other things that need serious cleaning. So go nuts. Well, read the directions first, they’re pretty useful. Then get at it!

Now stocking both 32oz bottles and our NEW 4oz refillable Little Spritz!

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Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% ultra purified reverse osmosis filtered water.

Directions for Use

Cleaning Instructions

Spray on surface, and wipe it clean like you mean it. If you’re cleaning your phone, just wipe the exterior down. Don’t submerge it.

To Disinfect

Spray until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 10 minutes and wipe clean. Really freakin’ clean.

Storage and Disposal

Store airtight at room temperature. Offer empty container for recycling. If recycling is not available, profusely apologize to anyone within earshot for your crime against the planet, and discard in trash.

Oh and Hey!

Do not use on natural stone, brass, or varnished wood. This will mess those up for suuuure.

For every bottle sold, we donate a bottle to Meals on Wheels Detroit.

We’ve partnered up with Meals on Wheels to donate sanitizer to over 4,000+ homes in need throughout Wayne County. This is a continuation of our Ride for Ride mission from our sister company, The Detroit Bus Company. Learn more about Bottle for Bottle.

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