Arsenal of Clean Gift Certificates


Give the gift of clean to those you love! Or people you just like a lot! Love isn't a requirement here.

Gift certificates never expire and are delivered immediately to your inbox. You could do this just minutes before someone's party and they would have no idea. And you'll be heralded as a genius.

This is also useful if you'd like to donate sanitizer to an organization you want to support but don't know what sizes or shipping information they'd like to use. Just buy one of these and send them the code. Easy peeze.

For every bottle sold, we donate a bottle to Meals on Wheels Detroit.

We’ve partnered up with Meals on Wheels to donate sanitizer to over 4,000+ homes in need throughout Wayne County. This is a continuation of our Ride for Ride mission from our sister company, The Detroit Bus Company. Learn more about Bottle for Bottle.

Arsenal of Clean is a social benefit company.